Boot Foot Boogie

Dance the line or line the dance
square the whole hoedown
step a wiggle wag a waggle
chance the slide around
gonna do the boot foot boogie
move us somewhere down the line
without weaving boozy woozy
but by dancing out of time
do the here and now not later
don’t ever do the been before
do the slick and sliced tomato
do the doggie four on floor
cook some serious mashed potato
serve it soft with scrambled egg
best get back to boot shoot shuffle
dance the warp and woof of plan
swerve in curve in cosmic cuddle
shake a leg in rock religion
hot foot hoof it back to grand
the pump of jump in jive is given
livens up our nest of rhythm
novel notches time in tide
in which we all abide

– Smith, 4.8.2014

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