montage of new Chiplis argon ceiling installation

Here’s some joy and jubilation for you – a montage of a recent Jeffry Chiplis argon tube ceiling installation.

Click here to see Swirling Red Vortex JT

And Click here for his home page with work going back to 2002.

Two more Chiplis montages working their way out of my head as we read, with a third coming up fast.

~ ~ ~

We Don’ Need No Badges

Get along to go along
and go along to get
ain’t my trip
I get along to get along
but go along ain’t hip.

I’m willing walking wire
not from desire
nor tear
but need to amble outer
cuz gone along’s too glib.

Pays less out here
but oh what sites we see
and there’s less fear
when net’s not there
and you need believe.

There’s say to say
and be to be
and honey karmic wine.
We don’t need no naysay way
to keep us from such things

– Smith, 5.13.2014

See new Chiplis installation this weekend in a foreclosed house in Slavic Village:
Rooms To Let – Temporary Art Space May 17th, 2014, 1-6pm. Event maps at 6628 Sebert Ave.

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