Carl’s Legal Sleepytime Smoking Blend

Due no dough ray me
I’ve sunk below seeds and stems
to inexpensive legal blend
of California poppy, catnip,
damiana, mugwort, mullein, sage,
uva ursi, yerbe santa,
down from $140-$840 illegal ounce
to $8 for minor buzz
with gentle soothe of legal ooze
but not as good as grass or hash
plus clogs the pipe
and coughs the lung
and makes me yearn for young.

– Smith, 6.25.2014

I’m featuring Friday at the Shoreway Poets Gypsy Bean & Baking Company reading, 6:30pm, open mic after . . . June 27, 2014, 6425 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH, (216) 939-9009, southeast corner of Detroit and W 65th. hosted by Marian Anzalone.

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