Spaces presents
Pedestrian Poetry by the People
today Saturday Sept 5, 2015 from 10am-2pm at the open air Market Square Park across from the West Side Market.

Lady & I have the first shift from 10-11am in the Spaces tent. We’ll be sitting at a typewriter and type a free poem for anyone who sits down.

Here’s the schedule of poets:
10:00am – Smith & Lady
11:00am – Lee Chilcote, RA Washington
12:00pm – Dianne Borsenik
1:00pm – Christine Howey, Jayce Renner

Facebook event page:

Status Report 75

Wife is younger by two decade seven

The pluses are endless,
the love true

but two darks brew

I’m older sooner sicker frail finder
hence death is due to brew reminder

and she wonders how I can just sit and silent toke
and stare out window betting traffic color light
while she stresses struss of work
of life of love of irk
and I tell her truth
I did my stressin’ struttin’ fretful fussin’
in those 27 years of older
got most of it over
and done
now sitting willing in waiting sun
and her use

– Smith, 9.5.2015


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