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dead flies can’t fly, but they’re still flies



We’re done for three weeks.

Every week since April 21 we’ve driven an hour east to Ashtabula to take care of our first beehive in one capacity or another. Now that fall honey harvest is over and we’ve winterized the hive, we need only monthly quick checks until spring warmth frees the bees from winter cluster flux.

If we get our bees through to spring, we’ll indeed beekeepers be.

April 21, 2016 will make one year for us as beekeepers, and 25 years of me being sober. I like that our beekeeping anniversary is also my sobriety anniversary.

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Time flies, yet it can’t fly.
Dead flies can’t fly, but they’re still flies.

Far away train wail to would
is can’t to could and should to say.

We need to tell the Jabberwocky this
to incorporate it into his dance.

For between done and do
the White Rabbit wants to rock and rue.

Slowly we’re heading for hole
falling through this last of laugh.

 – Smith, 11.3.2015


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