Status Report 129

I take in the mourning moon
the fog moon
the snow moon
the beaver moon
after the blood moon
after the blue moon supermoon fool moon
prepping brain for winter
purging body for soul
service for the solstice
sacred for the sign
of shedding wayward potions
and the unkind mind

– Smith, 11.28.2015

My new 4-year old nephew who was adopted along with his 6-year old sister last week by my bro&sis-in-law was asked who he wanted to sit by him at the childrens’ table on their first Thanksgiving with the new family. He pointed to me and said “That boy.”

This was the second time I’d met him, and we hadn’t spoken, but I’d noticed he kept staring at my $1 thrift store Tom & Jerry cartoon t-shirt. To be friendly on this meeting with them, I decided to wear it, figuring the children had enough trauma starting over in a new family and meeting all these strangers.

In this case, clothes made the boy.

As soon as I sat beside him, he pointed to my shirt and said, “I saw that movie. He keeps chasing him.” By pre-thinking the situation and dressing for their benefit, I snagged a special memory and a well-liked poem. Being thoughtful works.

Yesterday’s poem:

Out at the In-laws 18

“Who do you want to sit by you?”
she asks my newly adopted nephew
at the Thanksgiving table.

“That boy,” he points at me.

I look behind me, no one there.

He’s 4 years old.
Almost 70, I’m the oldest in the room.

“That boy.”


– Smith. 11.27.2015


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