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twinkle twinkle glitter star

comicsizechange in  PD comics size – foto 10% larger than actual comic

Parachute Buddha

Twinkle twinkle glitter star
how far wonderful you are.

Bits of lace from scraps of sky
wisp within my mind of eye.

What’s the span of plan, my man?
Adjusting flow within the go?

Or skipping highs for lesser lows?

Too hep to be hip?
Too hip to be hep?

Okay, we’ll do it the easy way then.

– Smith, 1.23.2016

Believe I’m done with the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper.

Used to read the paper front to back except for the business and sports sections, but then started reading them as well when I realized how much crime was involved. Good ole Albert Bell’s corked bat odyssey when a Cleveland Indians teammate crawled through the air ducts to switch evidence bats was the start. Turns out business and sports are essentially crime reporting.

But when we came back from our 31 month jaunt out of the country, the Plain Dealer had been stripped of writers due to their ever decaying financial picture, and their right-wing posturing became a bit too obvious, so I quit.

Unfortunately Lady with her soft heart read that the PD was in trouble subscriber-wise and signed up to help . . . in spite of my entreaties not to.

Since then it’s been delivered late, to hidden areas of the yard, other renters doors, and sometimes not at all. But when they went from 7-day-a-week delivery down to 4-days-a-week, they lost what little utility they had for me, which was reading the daily comics and solving the daily Jumble puzzle.

Now they’ve decided to make the comics about 25% smaller, so I can no longer read then in normal light . . . this is of course after already making them smaller years ago.

Seems to me the Plain Dealer newspaper’s main business model these days is fucking me over more and more so they can afford to keep their right-wing propaganda rag going.

Enough. Bye bye Pain Dealer.


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