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home’s grown alone


I’m fortunate once again to be serving up the fare at Medusa’s online Kitchen . . . 9 fotos, 9 poems, 1 song.

This is my 9th monthly appearance, and I greatly appreciate the gig and editor/publisher Kathy Kieth’s generosity.


This dark before dawn
gentles with promise
of new light
and yesterday’s wrong gone right

Cat on lap
wife meditating on couch
my ache eased in lazy chair
outside traffic slow
noise low
three stories below

I read of centuries past
see their wrong our wrong still
but that don’t mean it always will
for bad can change
and in small groups folk can be good

The rich are wrong
sing sad song
piss in their own stew
we are not them
can make better then
and often do

So it’s one on one here
to counter too many there

Home’s grown alone

– Smith, 8.26.2016


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