Posted a montage of inventor of recycled neon art Jeffry Chiplis art & show cards at

Muey much many more Chiplis pieces at

And now a word from our stand-up comic poet.

Dog Star Serious Dogon Funny

When caffeine grows up, does it become cowfeine?

The Invisible Man’s having an existential crisis
— he lost face

Does sepia make sinks seep?

What do you call foster parents?
– faux ma faux pas

Happy Daddy Day all you Mother fluxers

If STD is short for standard
then STD eyes would be standardize

Can vegetarians attend office meatings?

Sorry I missed the soirée
one Rumi with a view, please

This is defecated to my own unlove

– Smith, 9.4.2016

Dog Star Sirius

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