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philosophy 117-121

spring will come again

10,000 used books must go by December 31 2016

$3 hardbacks
$2 large paperbacks
$1 small paperbacks
(sets and a few scarce items more)

Open Wednesday through Saturday 11am-3pm through the end of December 2016.

2716 West 14th St, Cleveland, OH (Tremont) in the basement of the 148 yr-old Zion Church

Saturday December 17 at noon, Lady K (aka Kathy Smith) will be hosting her annual Winter Solstice Poetry Reading and Potluck there as well. Everyone welcome, open mic, no sign-up, no featured readers, just read if and when you feel.

Michael O’Brien’s Scriptoria Books has until the end of the year to sell his amazing inventory of used books because they’re turning the fine old-world stone church into apartments and condos for the well to do.

Fantastic books, incredibly inexpensive – the perfect Christmas gift.

You can check his Craig’s List ad under CLEVELAND and BOOKS for later information.


Philosophy 117

Life’s a beach
and then you dive


Philosophy 118

Gotta re-leave myself
too much money bizness


Philosophy 119

Flesh is such sorrow
from worm would to mold


Philosophy 120

Six layers in search of a surface
lost & profound

Spirit up, bone down
the dance since chance began

Soul high, flesh low
all run by remote control

We start inside
don’t end outside


Philosophy 121

Just like Sisyphus
it’s endless

– Smith 11.27.2016

spring from winter

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