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9 poems, 9 fotos, 1 song posted online week ago Friday out in California on Medusa’s Kitchen/Rattlesnake Press by publisher/editor Kathy Kieth.

Past 16 months she’s given me the 3rd or 4th Friday Kitchen feature – so far 153 poems, 126 fotos, and 16 songs.

She adds a new post every day of the year, for years and years now… different poets and artists each day from varying parts of the country, occasionally outside the country.


Philosophy 141

It’s blow a fuse
bust a gut
or learn to let go flow


Philosphy 142

Do carbuncles have uncles?
Do truffles wear ruffles?

Do giraffes laugh?
Do worms yearn in their squirm?

And what do we learn in return?

– Smith, 4.1.2017

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