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Our relationship was forged to the soundtrack of Yoko Ono's magic,
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Minnesota, North Dakota, Kentucky, Connecticut, and Generic


Plopped five quarters into the machine,
one each from Minnesota, North Dakota,
Kentucky, Connecticut, and Generic
and my clothes dried right fine.

Why can’t we all work this well together?

– Smith, 6.27.2017

My right shoulder is almost gone. Teaching my left arm to do more. Pain’s getting a bit much but will try to put off shoulder replacement until January 2018 because I’ll be needed this fall for honey harvest.

So far I’ve replaced right hip, left shoulder, and put two metal rods in my neck past 6 years. My left kneecap broke 18 months ago and did not heal – bound itself together with soft tissue instead of bones melding, so that may have to be replaced down the line… but that should do it.

Glad I can be repaired, but tired of being repaired

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