Life in the Smith Lane

Crickets creep between cars
in not quite night
their soothing sound attending ghost
of then and them and now
matching most of me somehow

Saw an I-90W sign saying
“Drug Activity / Impaired Driving
Call This Number”
so I did
said I was interested in some drug activity…
it didn’t go well

Roads outside this window
goin’ places doin’ things
with a lot less cussin’
and fussin’ and cheatin’ moan
that’s where I wanna roam

Late at night
we drive into deep wood
to camp way off grid
nada on GPS screen
gas near empty
next morning turn wrong way
go further into no-one-home land
fuel light starts cursing
the film Deliverance runs in my mind
so we give up
turn around
retrace tracks
finally find gas
and small town library with wifi
get go again
add new rule to list:
don’t wait to tomorrow
to refill strange territory today

Friday – $350 for muffler
Monday – $550 front wheel bearings
Nowday – pain anguish anger depression
there goes the rent money
and my marijuana

White line black top
pedal metal heavy through
go of tomorrow
awash in sorrow
and chance

– Smith, 7.18.2017

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