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5 book covers

Was asked by Joe Vecchio on Facebook to post the cover of a book that affected me greatly, one book a day for 10 days without explanation.

I looked at what others did and each one explained they were asked to post without explanation, which is explanation, so I didn’t… plus, I seldom do requests cuz I don’t play well with others’ rules.

But while packing to move to our new old house, I shot these books – so I’ll do half the 10, all in one day, with explanation. See, I’m a reasonable lifeform.

Reading this right now. Excellent. Love this man’s poetry.

Tried once again to read this – no go, not worth my time or its trouble – and I’m a William Burroughs fan.

This is the book that gave me my Agent of Chaos name. Melissa J Craig shot a video of me in the late 1980’s where I was passed out drunkon my studio floor and this book was lying next to my head.

I was so impressed with this that as soon as I finished reading its 1,012 Basho haiku, I immediately reread it. Genius. The haiku master.

Perhaps the greatest book title ever.

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