Month: February 2021

  • Seeking Sync of Soul

    Here’s “Seeking in Sync of Soul,” last month’s feature on Medusa’s Kitchen — nine art fotos, eight 3-liners, one 4-liner. This month’s coming feature (I get the 3rd Thursday of the month) will be 3 Russell Vidrick poems, 3 Lady, 3 me. Think next month I’ll do Jim Lang, Wendy Shaffer, me. Thanks to […]

  • the Lady & the Dog

      (cut & pasted from Lady’s FB status) Evening rum coke warms my whimsy. Always hard to get myself out into the evening cold, it being under 30 degrees, to take Marlowe out. If it weren’t for him… would I even know that the neighborhood has the flavor of Lewisham in London… we round the […]

  • 36 Smith mutilated Trumps showing inner ugly outly

    Beauty may be shallow, but inner ugly all is. Here are my Trump unmaskings from 2020-21 so far in alphabetical order

  • Thyme & Tyde, Again

    Lady is furnishing our new house (140 years old) with used items from Craigslist and Facebook’s market place because she tries to help the planet by buying repurposed rather than new. Got a great hand-painted antique Asian black chest with raised porceline or plastic figures for $35, several wood rocking chairs at $35 each, a […]

  • Lady: Library Podcast, 10 poems

    Lady reads 10 poems on the Cuyahoga County Public Library podcast (thanks to Laurie Kincer): Special Creatures – 1:10 Concrete Bridge – 1:52 Ancient Moon – 1:25 Weft – 0:32 Roog – 0:47 Summer – 0:36 Like the Fairy Tales – 0:44 Kisosen – 0:54 Recipes That Help Us – 0:52 Spring – 0:29