word harvest 12.1 thru 12.15 2021

2021.12.1 – I love the dog
2021.12.2 – Cold day
2021.12.3 – You just do
2021.12.5 – Yesterday’s bones
2021.12.7 – I’m yesterday’s news
2021.12.9 – Tomorrow never comes
2021.12.10 – It’s all perception
2021.12.11 – Life with Wife 14
2021.12.13 – Working entropy mines
2021.12.15 – In the dark anyway

~ ~ ~

I love the dog
and he loves me
I see him gnawing bone
knowing if I died
fell to the floor
a couple days not being fed
that’d be me

~ ~ ~

Cold day
long hot salt soak
skin cuts

The crow of the blessed
the cry of the dispossessed

Yesterday’s bone
tomorrow’s scream

~ ~ ~

You just do
you do you do you do
until you don’t

~ ~ ~

Yesterday’s bones
tomorrow’s flesh
spirit inflected

~ ~ ~

I’m yesterday’s news
today’s trash
tomorrow’s compost

Zoo parking lot
full of red light people
going places not to be alone

Night train rumble
carrying yesterday away

weary’s what you got
weary, worry, wondering

Once feared
being inadequate
now I’m almost adequate

Morning dogwalk
heavy rain
another two-deer day

~ ~ ~

Tomorrow never comes
today won’t leave
yesterday waits

~ ~ ~

It’s all perception —
look how the stars sparkle
on the pus tonight

~ ~ ~

Life with Wife 14

Sometime it’s low fruit
or no fruit
“Especially with politicians,” she adds

What was cheese before it died?
“Cheese is, cheese was.”

She’s looking up the recipe
for broccoli and beast

“I going to trim your beard.”
I sez no.
She sez “Yes.”
I sez no.
I gets “the look”.

~ ~ ~

Working entropy mines
walking empty line
to last station

~ ~ ~

In the dark anyway
I sit in dark
for camouflage

or am I the darkness?

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