the Liberty Lynne Green art corner

Libby’s Poem

The bigger the dog
the bigger the nose
the bigger it smells
the bigger it knows

This is the Liberty Lynne Green art corner post.

Above is her first spoken poem with us. She recited it to us in the car.

The 1st refrigerator poem below she did last visit, and added to it this visit.

Her head assemblage is her non-existent “brother” Bumblebee.

She’s 5 yrs 8 months and obsessed with doing art with her Aunt Kathy (who is obsessed with her).

no trombones in this 76th month

“Humble thanks to Steven the Sisyphus Smith for fine poetry and visuals on this St. Patrick’s Day, 2022! Like the rest of us, he’s rollin’ the rock right up that hill, trying to make sense of it all (a fool’s errand, for sure). Hang in there (hang up?), Smith—keep leading us by laughter! (God knows, there’s plenty to laugh at these days…)” – Kathy Kieth, editor/publisher Medusa’s Kitchen (send her some worx, folx).

78 feature past 76 months at Medusa’s Kitchen . . . 9 poems, 10 fotos.

2022 February word harvest

2022 February word harvest
(mostly short for you poemaphobics)

2022.2.1 – My fuel
2022.2.2 – 1953
2022.2.2 – You know the bad guys
2022.2.2 – Solar Panel Installation
2022.2.5 – Vignette & Vine
2022.2.6 – Used to try to pick up wimmins
2022.2.10 – The snow drops
2022.2.11 – Burning sacred copal
2022.2.18 – Driving through fog
2022.2.20 – Sin of past
2022.2.21 – Sky fallen white
2022.2.24 – Long before sun
2022.2.26 – Trekked this far
2022.2.27 – Guru Gurdjieff
2022.2.27 – Lady sez Thich Nhat Hanh sez
2022.2.28 – I’m a lousy lover
2022.2.28 – Done poems 59 yrs
2022.2.28 – I can’t blame you

~ ~ ~

My fuel
is fear, death, anger
led by laughter

~ ~ ~

1953 . . .
where were you?
I was me.

~ ~ ~

You know the bad guys
(the old white rich male 1%, the MAGAoids,
the Repugnants, the way-too-many Corporations)
are aware they can’t win elections by voting
because we outnumber them,
so they cheat,
that’s all they can do,
they pass laws to uncount our votes,
they tell their diminishing and diminished voters
to show up armed at the polls,
they attempt a coup . . .
they’re on their way out,
but they’re kicking and screaming and scheming and stealing
for all their worth as we flush them from the system.
It’s going to take us years to clean their stain.

And you can’t blame them.
They’ve fed free at the trough for centuries, millenia,
are too fat and fogged to survive in a fairer environment.

Cheat’s all they got.

~ ~ ~

Solar Panel Installation

There’s strange men on our roof
dropping heavy things
drilling and hammering and talking to each other
happy, laughing
pulling long black metal things up with ropes
turning off our electricity
in the old Less-now-More-later scheme
they climb past windows
creep basement
poke holes in house for their fertile wires
such crude beasts
following their programming
offering nice smiles, friendly nods
men strange, strange men
strong in game of planet safetime
for Borg-Babe geek of Wife

~ ~ ~

Vignette & Vine

Awaiting wife in parking lot
I watch old woman
winter coat black pajama bottoms
patterned with white sheep
creak out of driver’s seat
and slowwalk into store

In too long a time
she returns with young woman clerk
and they pull small table
from backseat

Clerk examines all sides
top and bottom
nods her head with happy chatter
carries it inside
woman returns to driver’s seat

She sits there 10 minutes
not starting car
occasionally moving hand in sun
head in shadow

I need her to leave
so I can play with their faces
in my own circus ring

She gets back out
but is now a frail old man in jeans
the black sheep pajamas
a calf-length coat with white horses

He walks around car
opens passenger door
adjusts something
gets back in

I’m thinking alien lifeform drop here

Maybe old woman alien brings piece of furniture
to young she clerk to mate with
their progeny becoming abstract end tables
in podpeople houses
collecting data for Sky Gauze

After furniture exchange
old woman alien sits awhile in front seat
reporting in while transforming to human male
for next mission

It’s almost obvious

~ ~ ~

Used to try to pick up wimmins
by sidlin’ up and whisperin’ in their ear
“I’ve got the Creature
and you’ve got the Black Lagoon
wanna do the sequel?”
but it didn’t work
never even got damp

~ ~ ~

The snow drops
the sun shines
the dog messes the yard

Pains come
not all go
accumulation tango

Rock, meet hill
hill, meet rock
I’ll be your server today

~ ~ ~

Burning sacred copal
smell of wisdom and experience
taste of cunnilingus

~ ~ ~

Driving through fog
real fast
fuck resolution

Got no cud
so I chew my kid
laughter all around

Trying to kill myself
by living one more day
then another

I’m alone
with me
I need better company

the cold
the fool moon

I want to be smoke
rise into nothingness
slow disappear

Short wait at long light
turning in the fog
going nowhere

~ ~ ~

Sin of past
sin of lack
weight back

Time bong chime
but slice of splice
temporary rhyme

Beginning ununderstandable
end ensues

Circus sounds
coming and going
monkeys all around

Hit the wrong notes
play em loud
gonna pay anyway

Yesterday’s triumphs
soon tomorrow’s tears

Ask the dead
they don’t care
they’ll agree to anything

I’m out of my depth
in dry heave
walking gone water

So much for me
whatta bout you?

~ ~ ~

Sky fallen white
cold ground
brand new coloring book

Moon round earth
earth round sun
sun through galaxy
galaxy galloping away
cosmos collapsing

Seek pre-dawn deer
fox, coyote
find frozen tracks

~ ~ ~

Long before sun
hits dark valley bottom
freight train rumbles

Spent much my light in the dark

~ ~ ~

Abandoned bird
and unfinished monk
scaffolding extra

~ ~ ~

Trekked this far
hope to make the rest
son of Sisyphus

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

~ ~ ~

Guru Gurdjieff
caught brown birds
and painted them yellow
to sell as canaries
to finance his expedition
to buy a book on spiritual truth

True or not
it’s true

~ ~ ~

Lady sez Thich Nhat Hanh sez
Everything’s the baby Buddha’s butt

Does that mean Reality’s essentially one big diaper?

~ ~ ~

I’m a lousy lover
but give good woo

great out of the gate
after I catch em
I don’t know what to do

~ ~ ~

Done poems 59 yrs
fotos 64
(1st yr 4-H farmboy w/ camera)
art 58
mutant musick 13
blog 16
fame & finance 0
but o
the friends
the life
the wife!

~ ~ ~

I can’t blame you
for you
we’re all looking for likes