word harvest November 2022

2022.11.1 – The Entropy Express
2022.11.4 – The quiet night isn’t quiet
2022.11.10 – The pain of body
2022.11.13 – Dark in here, fog out there
2022.11.18 – Coffee down
2022.11.26 – O dead temples in the sky
2022.11.28 – There are whisperers close at hand

~ ~ ~

The Entropy Express

Thought I’d woulda coulda shoulda maybe
but then again I’m quite lazy
discipline somewhat hazy
plus there’s those who claim I’m crazy
but heck with that let’s stick with this
I’m one dark dread in search of bliss
a future nipple’s gentle kiss
instead of cyclic shit and miss
I ask sky why but there’s no answer
look inside find moral cancer
my id gazelle my ego panther
in my me a danger dancer
yet still I’m here not yet gone
not yet lost though sure ain’t won
cuz in sadness I still find fun
with magic wife my always one
add in dog and shadow cat
friends most fine and this and that
sadness being but temporal trap
before my final one hand clap
so grab your ticket get in line
for Entropy Train’s mighty crime
riding life’s lying bind
of slings and errors outrageous, unkind

~ ~ ~

The quiet night isn’t quiet
water gurgles in pipes
aquarium bubbles
fireplace clicks as heat expands
black cat purrs in lap
coyotes howl to sirens on the bridge
one clock cuckoos one bongs one chimes
all three tick my life away
freight trains below pull heavy loads
down shadow tracks in dark valleys
going not here
from not here
long lonely moans in time
as entropy blossoms full flower
bloom blood in the circle slowing

~ ~ ~

The pain of body
versus the promise of day
ever onward

~ ~ ~

Dark in here, fog out there
sez me in the living room
sez me in my mind

Any wisdom learned
leaked out long ago

I stand outside
flaunting my sins
hoping someone will notice

~ ~ ~

Coffee down
weed in
awaiting sun

Train moans
body groans
mind stones

It’s another
I don’t want to do this

Born of Holocaust and atomic bomb
death fast death slow
between yes and no and maybe

This reality
and I
are not aligned

~ ~ ~

O dead temples in the sky
hear us as we cry why
the lie

O Invisible Friend above
gentle the bite of karmic glove
and entropy’s shove

O You who seldom answer
it’s fall to winter falling
and I’ve yet to find my calling

Gimme a clue or let me through

~ ~ ~

There are whisperers close at hand
questioning this, doubting that
denying flesh and fact

We’re pretty much raisins running backwards
to some plump plum once upon a time
seeds seedless sending

Now and then, before or after
doesn’t matter
rock gotta roll up hill again

Rock gonna roll
pain gonna play
we gonna pay

And yet it’s worth it for the while
when and where we smile
along the way

What can I say?

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