Stopped by MetroHealth Pharmacy for vitamins and found the underground parking lot and most doors blocked off, with a metal detector at the open main entrance.

Perhaps gun violence is reaching corporate concern level and the money being lost will finally push gun control in Congress, for as we all know most politicians care about money more than anything.

Strange thinking about population numbers versus social development. There are arch building ants, I believe in Africa, who keep trying to build arches, but they keep collapsing until the ant population becomes large enough that (seemingly) mass-mind kicks in and they suddenly know how to insert a keystone. This boggles my mind.

On the obverse side of the situation, there are some Texas rabbits who bang and breed until there are too many per square mile to support them all so they develop a nervous condition and start dying off until there’s enough room to bang & breed again.

Perhaps the ever escalating gun violence in the U.S. is our people-version of this rabbit-neurosis. Wife pointed out in a rabbit warren, rabbits at the top of the power structure eat better and live longer and happier than any of the rabbits below them, and the lower you go, the shorter you live (due to stress).

And of course monkeys and birds have been documented lying and thieving by uttering fake danger calls to try to scare companion away from found food so they can eat it instead.

So lies, and theft, and death by social order are part parcel of nature’s blueprint.


This is but a few of many mysteries . . . for example, are sexually loose female trolls called trollops?

Or, if you ain’t a Yeti, does that make you a not-Yeti?

Shadow of the Yeti

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