found this unseen Feb 2019 CoolCleveland blurb while searching to see if “Where Never Was Already Is” has been used by anyone else on the searchable net — it hasn’t.

“Poet/publisher/memoirist/event creator/world traveler Steve B. Smith is one of Cleveland’s legendary literary characters.

He’s been part of virtually every underground literary scene/event in town for decades. From 1986-2006 he was the publisher of Artcrimes, featuring 577 poets and artists during its run. The most recent works in his copious catalog are his 2012 memoir Stations of the Lost & Found, a True Tale of Armed Robbery, Stolen Cars, Outsider Art, Mutant Poetry, Underground Publishing, Robbing the Cradle, and Leaving the Country and 2018’s Where Never Was Already Is featuring 244 poems and 29 collages spanning 54 years of his work.”

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