Had an idea for a painting 40-50 years ago I never executed because I have zero drawing and painting skills, so I wrote a description and gave it to Lady to input into her ChatGPT/Dall-E app.

I forgot to specify Bible was to be horizontal, so we were off from the beginning. And Dall-E said it couldn’t do the artists due to copyright issues but could do a surreal, etc. Then after 4 tries it decided it didn’t like the blood, then decided it didn’t like me using the Bible.

So here’s the 2 best attempts, neither successful, but do have their interests.

instructions to ChatGPT:
Inside the living room of an old farm house.

Main focus is the window, with upper and lower windows each divided into 2 verticle half window panes.

The window has white curtains hanging open.

In front of the window against the sill is a small end table.

Floating 9″ above the table is a bible, black covers, page edges facing the viewer, bible tilted just enough you can sort of see “BIBLE” on cover.

The shadows from the light coming thru the window form a cross on the table, with the verticle shadow the trunk of the cross, and the top frame of the bottom window shadow forming the cross brace.

The bible is oozing blood from its closed pages, the blood pooling on the table.

Want with 4 options…

1) with no artist to copy
2) as by Edward Hopper
3) as by Salvidor Dali
4) as by Andrew Wyeth

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