-Word harvest March 2024

2024.3.3 – Deep low slow pull
2024.3.4 – Sun’s up
2024.3.6 – I sit in silence that is not silence
2024.3.13 – Life’s simple
2024.3.14 – Ahhh yes
2024.3.15 – Life’s funny
2024.3.23 – Remove my ears
2024.3.25 – In bath sweating
2024.3.26 – I’m slow

~ ~ ~

Deep low slow pull
big weight freight train moan
always going never coming

I am Sisyphus
I am rock
I am hill

(aren’t we all?)

I live on the corner
of Random Ave and Marginal Drive
just off Lost Nation Road

(fog in fugue of chance and choice)

I’m no Johnny Red-Toes
dipping his boots
in others’ blood

(backup beep of Reality repairing itself)

I keep my needs simple
a sip of water
a sit in the sun

Out there
persistant rooster tries to raise sun
under constant Cleveland cloud

~ ~ ~

Sun’s up
rooster keeps crowing
so much for cause and effect

~ ~ ~

I sit in silence that is not silence
there’s a wavering hiss of tire on concrete
the far siren singing
clock ticks
unknown people in unknown places
murmuring unknown words in unknown song
baby dinosaur chirps from tree
unseen dog barks territory
more cars hiss wind and water
squirrel chitters
wind chimes
rooster crows for sun every eleven seconds
when it’s been up for hours
in rhythmic return of almost nothing

unsilent dance
moves here
moves there
a veil over its fate

I listen

~ ~ ~

Life’s simple
you sow
you reap
you rip
you sew

I listen a lot lately
listen to the windchimes
but also to the wind
listen to kitten cry existential angst
yet power purr in my lap
listen to night
to light
to elephant trumpet and angry cat
in Zoo down hill
to wind water rush of rubber rolling road
and fainter hiss of hit and miss
to rooster constantly crowing sun
every few seconds all day long
to wife
(“happy wife, happy life”)
to shadow cat jumping from mantle to join me
in graceful silence
me grateful she wants to
to Good Smith inside see where he’s going
to Evil Smith as well just in case
to me listening to you listening
to spring birds peeping
sirens singing
freight trains moaning
coyotes howling
hoot owls hooting
in this Great Hearing of the Body Electric

and so I sow
rinse again repeat
and try not to bleed in the street

~ ~ ~

Ahhh yes
clumps of complications behind me
all kinds of troubles lurking ahead
but right here
right now
hot black unsweetened coffee
steaming in a white Twin Peaks diner cup
life is sweet in its bitterness
there’s hope having stumbled this far
we can fake it to the finish
after we finish

~ ~ ~

Life’s funny
and then you die
a punchline

go for laughs
or gasps?

~ ~ ~

Remove my ears
take out my teeth
lay these old bones down
piece by piece

~ ~ ~

In bath sweating
cat in window above
beyond cat lies two ever-presents —

rooster crowing sun
freight train pulling moan

I am rooster
I am train
I am rising sun
I am undelivered load

between rooster and train
the low constant white noise
of windwater leaves and tires fleeing

I am wind
I am water
I am leaves
I am rubber

I do not flee

~ ~ ~

I’m slow
but I’m stupid
so I make up for it

~ ~ ~

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