May 2024 word harvest:

2024.5.11 – Ahh, a temporary temporary
2024.5.25 – Walking garden
2024.5.28 – Whatever bad I may be
2024.5.28 – Trump
2024.5.28 – America

[ images a collab between Smith / ChatGPT / Dall-E ]

~ ~ ~

Ahhh, a temporary temporary
in this big world always

dark sky black clouds slow rain
wet leaves dampen sound
suck light

the human virus crouch inside
hide from cleansing

Earth don’t care
lotta life before we came
lots after we gone

manflesh dies
new life grows

green is green
feeds on failure

small am I
ooh minor moments
sing song with new ears

~ ~ ~

Walking garden
see what see
night light dim
moon drips me
fullfool man
shadow show
must expand
serve soul
trip meat path
string about
Basho frog splash only out
not quitting
day by day
no letting big pain sway
pain moral
pain flesh
pain oral
pain mesh
doing good
happy been
8-fold road
mindheart yen
rest tonight
rise tomorrow
seek light
serve sorrow

~ ~ ~

Whatever bad I may be
when I pet my cat she sees me
as highest form of we

~ ~ ~

red rat rising

~ ~ ~

I see you
in I.C.U.


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