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  • 2 little Covid-19s here

    Lady tested positive for Covid-19 in a Walgreen’s drive-thru, so I tried a home test and find I have it as well. She has a sore throat, not sick, and I’m basically fine. See what happens. Fone nurse said where we are now is as bad as it should get, and this isn’t even vaguely […]

  • Lady’s word harvest this morning . . . 2.22.2022

    Lady’s word harvest this morning . . . Some Moments Patched Together Cleveland for me was the visceralness of crawling on hardwood floors as a baby, late night Shaker Heights apartment stairways – being carried up thumb suckingly asleep – orange lights streaming past dirty car window – the orange Bug with a hole in […]

  • Ralph Philip “Pappy” Smith, 1922-89

    Ralph Philip “Pappy” Smith, 1922-89 Dad dead 32 years. Wish I’d known him better, but I left home at 17, ignorant. We loved each other. But while I respected him, he found me weird. When I mentioned I’d made the Dean’s List at Loyola College, he said he couldn’t respect me because of my shoulder-length […]

  • Thyme & Tyde, Again

    Lady is furnishing our new house (140 years old) with used items from Craigslist and Facebook’s market place because she tries to help the planet by buying repurposed rather than new. Got a great hand-painted antique Asian black chest with raised porceline or plastic figures for $35, several wood rocking chairs at $35 each, a […]

  • dead end brick road, last house on the left

    fotoshopped by Lady… she added the barn star, 2nd story shutters, hydrangeas, she, me, and the old dog Marlowe we’re adopting Last August, Lady asked if we could check out an open house, off of Pearl Road, by the zoo. When we got to the street, it said DEAD END, and I commented “I like […]

  • Yes, erumpent fireflies warmed hands

    Yes, erumpent fireflies warmed hands on xanthous flames fireplaced in a viperiform damascene hagioscope gripping the reredos Girandoled discoball constellations yogiboogeyboarded swimming pool lights, dog and ponied interstices of the ceiling joists zoopraxiscoped herds of variegated animals, the alopecoid and hares, all manners of dazzling English animals The nickle nutlets of teeth in jellygraph gloss […]

  • the vicissitudes of house husband Smith, with recipe Lady & I have uploaded 4,123 blog posts in the past 10 years on When Lady started this blog, I asked why. Now I’m hooked. Except for our first 6 months together, the blog documents our soon-to-be 11 years together, our 31 months of living in 10 countries on 3 continents, our art, […]

  • 1 birth, 1 death = 2 extra sensory perceptions

    Liberty Lynne Green 5 hours old 7.26.2016 Strange interconnected stuff going on. I’m reminded we are not singularities, but rather interwoven web. 1 birth, 1 death = 2 extra sensory perceptions. Got up yesterday morning at 4 instead of 5 because Lady was leaving for an 8 mile run. She told me Dedra and brother […]

  • Liberty Lynne Green 7.26.2016

    I guess Lady K is finally the aunt she so wants to be, and I an uncle. Strange. Born to Dedra and Jon Green at 4:18 a.m., 8 pounds 0 ounces, 20.5 inches long, 14 hours labor. Liberty Lynne Green 7.26.2016 Small new life creeping into big old world as night slips to day Baby […]

  • mesh

    Mesh I sit in a second-hand armchair on the third floor of an old house in which I pay to live, a poor man with a rich mind and a weak will offset by stubbornness and sometimes saved by luck. My riches are the memories of the merry and not so much along the way, […]