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  • Smith & Lady travels more or less Aug 2006 – Mar 2009

    Smith & Lady travels more or less Aug 2006 – Mar 2009 We first left with 70 pounds of backpack each — returned with 35 pounds each . . . quickly learned you REALLY have to want something in order to carry it on your back. >>>>> to chiplis (1 mile) >>>>> to chicago — […]

  • all is never there

    Philosophy 166 Half is what you make it. All is never there. – Smith, 9.15.2017

  • pleather pleasure

    cookie Lady Conversation with Wife 30 Who knew I had 30 wives. “You’re not the man from St. Ives are you?” Thought you were going to write. “Yeah, I’m going to.” Good, I’ll sit over her and wrong, then. “Fold me once, fold me twice, I won’t be fold again.” “I’m going to lay down, […]

  • Inadvertent Angels

    Krakow, Poland, 2006 Inadvertent Angels She’s walking down the street here to help our hinder to see we dodge defeat then slips away forever says it’s chance we meet beneath angelic flavor He ambles down the lane where I wrestle fixing flat insists no time explain must buy tube and that is that by time […]

  • A Short Bus Ride from Town

    A Short Bus Ride from Town We visited Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps in Poland outside Krakow. Auschwitz looks like a clean collage campus, but Birkenau was drenched in death, misery, fingernail scratch in wood, white bone chips in dirt you walk on lining the bottom of the stream, even the soft wind whisper in […]

  • slick wet red juice oozing down across thick yellow mango moistness

    happiness spell – fotosmith The first two weeks of Lady’s and my “taking-up” consisted of me appreciative of the sex but telling her we had no future due to the 27-yr age gap. She ignored me, just as she’d ignored my GO AWAY unwelcome mat outside my door. One day after she left, I discovered […]


    Sustainable capitalism–it’s a plan.


    Some ideas – need feedback and hopefully fast implementation as I think it could be very beneficial for bees and the economy.

  • Maybe Heaven is Supposed to be this Planet

    Maybe Heaven is supposed to be this Planet. This is the butterfly that’s going to carry me home, and this is the trash I’m going to pick up later, I hope.

  • face, not place, is base

    “No Exit” by Mother Dwarf Smith – foto by son Smith We made the monthly Tremont ArtWalk rounds tonight, and our first stop half a block around the corner at the Doubting Thomas Gallery, my 24 year old art past struck again. Performance artist Frank Green is selling off his art collection and one of […]