Based on a conversation with Everyman

I remember when I was introduced to Sesame Street culture…

You had this “Big Bird” who was real and normal
accepted as the neighbor down the street
& his imaginary friend

Snuffleuppagus tapped into my mind back then
& Sesame Street spilled out into our universe…


There’s a little fruit fly
flying past my screen

This happens every morning

I see the fruit fly
as a blessed omen
from the god-It

I think the fruit fly
hatches from my keyboard
because there is no fruit
in the living room

I am waiting for a hundred years to pass
for my sofa fermentation
to become an installation

What is the passing of a year but process art
that makes everything that much more interesting?


Buddha discouraged fermentation of the mind

Buddha identified the suffering state
as a state that is mired somehow
as a state that is fermenting

I disagree with Buddha to a certain extent
When mind sprouts fermented fruit
it should be eaten

& then the mind is a bright clean plate again

The plate floats
in the center of the top
of a black hole

If I am suffering
I push the fermented fruit
off the plate

The fruit falls off the plate
into the black hole

The plate is my serenity


It was like a polaroid memory
Snuffleuppagus, last summer…

Last summer I saw an ant war
on one side of the street & then
an ant war
on the other side
of the street

A same day World War

Dead squirrel omens
into the pavement

I promised a piece of blueberry pie
to this guy who sold berries
at the West Side Market

I couldn’t remember what his face looked like
when I returned

There was a car fire on Sesame Street
between two brick buildings
I banged on doors to let people know

Burnt skunk summer

Next week, our friend was shot…


Is Heaven death?

I cannot relate
to rosaried scripts

I cannot relate
to satin robes…

The rapture
is not always on the screen

The revolution
is not always on TV

The rapture
is noting everything that is all around
and weaving it into
a personalized narrative
in a personalized universe

The rapture
is sitting at
a half way point
on a run
under a bridge
by a building
known as
God’s House

One can attach an idea
to a random happenstance
& the idea snowballs
around the germ
& creates a pearl
of cascading

So every instance
cultivates coincidence
& coherence has a role in this
fish scale reality

Definition of happiness?

I looked out the window just now
& two birds floated up
to a tree…


What a wonderful life

What a sad planet

There is not enough time

Money’s lost & the moon is burning

One has to give up ambition
one has to grab the immediate

Your friends are in the Hopi River
Your friends are all around you
They are waiting to be embraced

Incidental grapes who sustain us
on our paths of grace


Entrance: enter around corner

Our marginal existence is not marginal. I think we do have a handle on the wheel of the Universe…


“I dreamt about Buddha Cat last night. ‘I am everywhere,’ she said. ‘I am an observer.’ The color brown, the dharmic number nine were in my dream. Then Mandy woke me up by walking across my back.”

What does ‘nine’ signify?

“According to Wikipedia, there are thirteen contemplations for attaining birth in the Pure Land. #9 is the contemplation of Amitabha Buddha. There are also nine levels of birth. #9 is the lowest level of the lowest grade.”

“Aha… Buddha Cat’s in your lap again.”

That’s the third time Mandy’s sat in my lap today. Probably because I recognized her Buddha nature, after you told me.

But can she be Buddha if she’s focused on her stomach all the time?

“I think Buddha’s OK with eating. Buddha’s down to Earth. Just look at him. He’s got a big Buddha belly.”

One think I don’t like about Buddha is he left his wife and family. Just walked off. Abandoned them. How can you assume higher levels of consciousness when you abandon lower levels of responsibility?

“Aren’t there always lower spheres of consideration?”

I think responsibility to your family is a higher consideration in a lower world. He just abandoned his family.

“So even the greatest humanitarians have the greatest faults.”

They all seem to sacrifice responsibility for those closest to them to responsibility for the greatest number. Including Gandhi.

“Really, Gandhi did?”

Yeah, his family suffered. When you’re a world figure, those close to you tend to suffer more.

– – –

“Any more thoughts on the topic of Buddha Cat?”

Well, my groin is warm this cold morning thanks to the Buddha Lap Cat. Buddha cat, Buddha Kitty, Buddha Buddha, yeah. Camp town races all day long, o dudah day.

Smith & Lady