Optimized News and Weather Report – 9/15/2010

Global Hunger, Pakistan, etc.

U.N. sees global hunger easing in 2010

“About 925 million people are undernourished in 2010, down from a record 1.02 billion last year, which was the highest number in four decades, the FAO said in its report.”

Commondreams is less optimistic–I hope they are incorrect. They have been incorrect many times in the past. I do appreciate their conscientiousness, but not their demonization of the right, and not their despair.

I hope the World Health Organization’s warning about the flooding in Pakistan & Russia’s drought negatively impacting the world food supply is not true. I wish people were not killed by the 2010 floods in Pakistan. I am hoping something can be done to help alleviate this situation.

I really like this article about using satellites to identify locations that need help.

The UN needs more money to help people affected by the flood. I hope they get it.

Wrote a letter to Obama this morning asking for more $ for the UN for the flooding. You can write letters to Obama here.

You can find your senators here.

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I’m hoping that the 1/10 of the Cuban population who has just been laid off is as optimistic about this article.

I hope we can start visiting Cuba and boost the tourist trade there so that these new forced entrepreneurs can make a living.

I had seen Cuba as a model of a sustainable economy in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse. I’m hoping we can pick up on some of the lessons in sustainable agriculture and humanitarian opportunities for education that Cuba has traditionally supported, and that Cuba can maintain a mixed economy and that these newly laid off workers can survive.

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I don’t feel like diving in to the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I’m hoping we can stop attacking and start helping.

Record level of US airstrikes hit Afghan militants

7 people die in raid in Iraqi city of Fallujah

Speaking of the Mideast, I’m hopeful that Clinton is right:
Clinton: Israel, Palestinians serious about peace

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Glad that the unemployment rate is falling in the UK.

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Liking some of the less volatile headlines on Alternet today.

– – I do not know what to make about the tea party, but I hope that some of the really fringy scary stuff stops, or is just an example of overblown hype of the extremes of the movement.

I find some the headlines on rightist media distasteful, but I think we need to start reading more rightist media in order to find common ground. Because there is common ground. I find the headlines on leftist media outlets even more disturbing than the headlines on rightist media. I’d encourage rightists to read leftist media as well. There is an amazing amount of common ground.

Yahoo news seems pretty moderate, but not very in-depth.

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World Weather Report:

Europe looks OK.

New tropical storm near central America. Tropical Storm Karl. I hope it goes away or doesn’t cause damage. Hurricane Igor and Julia are still heading towards Cuba. I hope they lost strength and just kinda fizzle out. New typhoon still pretty far away from the Phillipines and Taiwan. I hope it fizzles out.

OPTIFACT News and Weather Report – 9/14/2010

The News

I hope Clinton is right about the time being ripe for Mideast talks, although I think time is always ripe for candid, loving, respectful talk.

I am hoping that people can rebuild the infrastructure in the US to something more sustainable–not sure natural gas is the best way to go. Hoping for more electric, geothermal energy, whatever Tesla envisioned, etc. But rebuilding part of the infrastructure seems like it would be a good jobs program.

I’m hoping criminal charges are NOT filed against the man who inadvertantly started a fire in Colorado. Rather, I am hoping for an education program to be implemented, and perhaps this man can help testify part-time for the education program in compensation, although I hope they pay him for his time.

I believe we are composed of information which is visualized as seemingly tangible material which is receptive to psychological suggestion, so I believe this man was healed by Newman in concert with his physician’s help.

I am hoping for a soft landing for the 500,000 (1/10th of their population) who are being laid off in Cuba – I believe the Cuban system was pretty good other than being too constrictive of personal freedoms. There’s got to be a better middle ground for all of us.

I am hoping for reconciliation in Kashmir, and for people to never just shoot people on site.

On to the more difficult sites:

I really like this headline: “We Need a (Green) Jobs Program”
makes complete sense to me.

I like the positive outlook of this story “The Good Food Evolution.”

In Detroit, for example, African American elders raised in the South saw the vacant lots in our deteriorating neighborhoods not as blight but as opportunities to plant community gardens that would also give city kids a sense of the time and patience that are a normal part of country life and that human beings now need for our continuing evolution.

I like the evolving tone of this perspective–seems like a good thing to recognize good insights on the ‘right’ – “Too Bad Newt Gingrich is Nuttier than a Fruitcake Because a “Kenyan Anti-Colonial” Worldview Would be Good” I’d like to remind people on the left that Dennis Kucinich, who I admire greatly, also believes in aliens–which could be decried as pretty nutty.

So much skepticism and condemnation and vitriol on commondreams. How can we ever come together if we can’t forgive each other? I believe we must forgive.


I’ve been largely ignoring the tea party as I do not want to get too emotionally involved. I am hoping that conservative movements can blend with liberal movements and find areas of common ground. I know there are areas of common ground. I am hoping for less emotional demonization from the extreme elements on the fringes of movements.

I have read about people on the border going out and shooting immigrants like its a party–I wish this was covered more on foxnews, and condemned. As it is, they are focusing on border agent patrols and drug busting.

Hoping for more understanding from the right about the consequences of treating other countries as places to plunder – 1,000,000+ iraqis killed as a result of our actions. We lost, what, a couple thousand in the twin tower incident? I do not think this t-shirt was purposefully designed to cause grief.

Can’t take any more this morning. I am hoping that people can reconcile their differences. I have friends from all over the spectrum, and they all have good hearts. A better reality is possible, and is in the making, I am sure of it.

The Weather

World weather report: Looks like the tropical storms are still safely out at sea. says they are something to be concerns about, but I hope not.

I am hoping for a more even distribution of precipitation so that the arid regions of the world, the ones that are suffering from drought, have adequate precipitation.

European weather looks OK.

Hoping the risk of fires can be reduced in the west. I think this can happen if they get a bit more precipitation.

Heart hurts.

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I believe schitzophrenics and affectives and manics have antennae to Gaia and the Sun. I believe they can go crazy from not understanding the signals they are syncing into. We used to have roles for these people. We called them shamans.

Fly is buzzing around my head, trying to tell me something. Cricket’s chirping outside. Mandycat is interested in the fly.

I believe in an afterlife–probably of one’s conception, but I am not sure. I believe the signals I have received is from my conception of a possible afterlife, which is good.