Open Sesame

The bottle of sesame oil spilled in our cupboard and it smells like Planet Sesame. Seems good luck to have so much sesame open.

“Must take a lot of sesame seeds to make sesame oil,” said Smith as I wiped it up.

“I’ve always been curious how they make it. Maybe off-world? Planet Sesame?”

“God made it,” said Smith. “That’s all you need to know.”

“Does God have hands? Does God have people?”

“God just has this giant replicator. He picked it up after Star Trek cancelled.”

“I don’t know. You might be right,” I said.


42: The Cleveland Experience

Saw glass in the middle of the bridge today; before, it was on the side. So I’m thinking that the glimmer means that I have to pick the glass up & put it in my salt & vinegar bag & then I thought, well, God will provide for everything, right? Just then, a piece of the glass feel out of this hole at the bottom of the bag. It fell out the hole at the bottom of the bag.

Zephyr Wiseacre

Material–it’s not material–but if material is a holographic projection onto a 3D record player–onto a 3D record player–then what are we but little bits on the record? Goodness is not a centrifuge. Everything is everywhere.