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Reconciliation report – 9/16/2010

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Positive items:

Abbas on the peace talks: “We all know there is no alternative to peace through negotiations, so we have no alternative other than to continue these efforts.”

A tribunal in Cambodia is indicting 4 senior leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime. Seems like positive news as the Khmer Rouge contributed to 1.7 million deaths in the 70s. I’m hoping for a model more like South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission throughout similar situations in the world, including the US.

Video showing how people are using voodoo to heal.

– –

Challenging headlines–try to understand other points of view, please:

Positive perspective coming from Ahmadinejad–‘Muslims do not hate Americans’–US citizens could compare and contrast this with the vitriol which came from Bush–“Axis of Evil.”

I am very sorry about this U.S. cartoonist who is in hiding. I wish the fringes of facets weren’t so extremist. Yet I can understand why people would have such a lack of tolerance for western civilization (which has historically plundered and dismissed genocide–over 1,000,000 Iraqis dead. I’d be pretty angry as well. I hope ‘they’ can forgive ‘us.’)

– –

Fox news on tax hikes for the wealthy:

I’d like to state that I’d like to get rid of the tax loopholes for the wealthy. Seems like a fair compromise. Let’s not raise taxes for the rich, but we’ll get rid of the loopholes. How’s that?

Can’t really deal with the rest of the Fox News headlines today, but I can understand the critique and I hope that people can take other viewpoints to heart and come up with a happy middle, and wish each other success.

– –

Weather watch/hopes:

STS Fanapi is still out at sea. Julia and Igor are still rolling towards the Americas. Julia has been ruled “not a threat.” Igor is now category 4, but I’m hoping for it to calm down. Karl is on land. Hoping it does not pick up steam in the gulf of Mexico. Perhaps it would be best for it to move inland rather than over the gulf of Mexico.


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