we have tentacles
extending into the immediate
not only the capsule of skin
tentacles that mix
and throb and meander with
the immediate

innumerable tentacles

innummerable tentacles
permeate into our skins,
our cells
ultimately and immediately

every tentacle
is connected
to every other

the thickness of it
is that it is clustered

skin is abstraction
for a bundle of will
a bundle that seems to bump
itself around

eyes, legs, hands, mouth
allow the bundle to move
through the greater mass

it is sticky, the bundle,
pulling itself through this
mother mass

this is what we perceive of
as separation

clumped together again
with gravity…

I pray
and it casts a net of will

into this greater mass
of information

I pray
for immediate perception of

everything is so simultaneously logical
and illogical, simultaneously banal
and miraculous

the banal part
is mostly the grind of ambition
of getting through the day well
and the miraculous
is the empirical stuff
that I observe “around” me
signs and sounds

it would seem
it should be the opposite
that the mind inside this shell
should be where novelty resides

and everyday sights and sounds
should be not so novel

but I look at our breathing
tail-swagging cat, and hear
the river of traffic outside,

and I know it is an orchestra
and a ballet

and the permeating song
of crickets outside
the lush August sonic carpet

it is thick, This

the carpet of sound
is thick and humid
it is fabric cumming
into my perception
that by handling with mindfulness

I either tune in to
or it tunes in to me…

I focus my ears, my eyes,
my attention and it is a machine
that becomes keener

the volume and quality
pulls itself together
by my tightening attention



Sculpt in and feel the shape of will shaping or touching the shape of the future. Using imagination like a flashlight, like a rope, like a sketch, like a lasso, like a definition…


Sculpt in and feel the shape
Know the shape of a situation
Know the shape of your will
like a lasso shaping a horse
like a lasso shaping a rider
like a lasso shaping the horse running down a range
like a range coming back into your eyes and
defining your imagination
like the future that is in 4D coming back
and defining your imagination

Imagine that your imagination
is defined by the shape of the future
and know this.

Know that your imagination
has feelers, has feelers
creeping around a curve
that the curve wraps around your head
that your head wraps around your adjacent step
and if you had access to the rewind button
you could go in reverse as well

You could go in reverse by remembering
Your moment’s brain remembers
and defines the past
Your moment’s brain’s imagination
defines the future
The future defines
your moment’s brain’s imagination

Now is a thick thing
Now has the highway
Now has a lasso on your ears
Now has a lasso on the way you are sitting
Now has a lasso on the stationary sofa
Now has a lasso on the thick moving through thick

Imagine you are a rider on your horse
or if you are in a car
the car could be your horse
know that you *are* the car
that contains the human
that you *are* the horse
that carries the human

and that the Earth’s lasso
is sticky and throbbing
that the Earth’s lasso
and gravity and movement is shape
moving through and on and in itself