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hook ‘n line

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

hook ‘n line

Philosophy 151

There’s could
and should
and is

– Smith, 8.15.2017



the book of wonder

Saturday, October 8th, 2016












The Book of Wonder
8 pages, 2 5/8″ x 3″ closed, 5 1/2″ x 3″ open
Lady K. Smith, 10.7.2016

She did two poem/art books yesterday. Second one below.


Sisyphus Mist

Crawl slow and deep
from slink of sleep
to thick awake
to foot the fog of day
till sleep’s return
in constant loop of voodoo rue
we do do oh so well

Pour black coffee down dark hole body
reboot mind to lighten way

– Smith, 10.8.2016









How to Care for Tropical Fish
6 pages, 8 1/2
Lady K. Smith, 10.7.2016


the Sisyphus bus

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

contractmy life contract

Sisyphus Bus

Unsunned sky a dark slate of potential
until new light wipes the board
with daily do be done

Night train whistle moans of maybe
dreams down the road
where fare is fair

In magic dark before dawn
foe may be friend, fright fun,
flight merely daily run

Hoist my mind to better place
exchange minus for plus
board the Sisyphus bus

– Smith, 8.11.2016

noshitno shit, Sherlock


serious stuff in frivolous form

Saturday, July 16th, 2016


Bad dream number now.

Starting to remember my dreams again after a week unstoned.

This morning’s pre-dawn dream took place in an amalgamation of Mexico, Florida, Greece, the terror attacks n France, and the film Brazil.

It was a huge city and all was night, the colors muted, dim murky browns and grays, even the light was dark, or rather the sad lack passing as light – more like medieval torches.

Kept touching my wife to make love but she was so busy she didn’t notice, and when I told her, she looked around in shock at the flux of surrounding people and said it’d be months before we could be alone.

We were separated while I looked for fotos and grass, neither which appeared. People tried to help me but made things worse. I worried wife would be worried and tried to call her on my flip fone, but the zero kept disappearing. Asked people to help and they’d point at the fone saying there’s the zero’s right there, and it was, then they’d vanish and I’d try to dial with no zero. Finally realized I didn’t have to dial, could go to contacts and punch her name, so of course the contact button disappeared.

All this time there are fires and gun shots and rioting in the streets, authorities shooting people, mobs running in fear as I wandered on.

I didn’t feel fear, just worry for wife and serious frustration I couldn’t dial the fucking fone.

All the people were dusky-skinned except wife and me . . . don’t know what color the shooting cops were because they were wrapped in riot gear.

Like to remember my dreams because they give me a feel for my emotional state, plus they’re frequently surreal and fascinating when they’re not boringly mundane. Think I have some issues.

Lady said she wants to go downtown during The Republican convention. I told her it’d be unwise because it’s going to be white Nazis with guns and police with guns and Republicans with guns with protesters in between and people were going to be hurt, be killed, be locked up — she said, oh, I don’t believe any of that’s going to happen. Sometimes I wish I lived in her world.

So at some point, even though it’s illogical and dangerous, we’ll ride our bicycles down and hope for the best, hope we’re not arrested for watching, hope a stray bullet doesn’t say hello. She’s an innocent, thinks all people are good, while I see good and beast.

I’m in a foul mood due to dream and money and worry about cat’s health and wife’s health and my health and the business stress wife is under and the political darkness creeping our nation and how I can’t do anything about any of it except spin my grin and hope for best as worst eats inside.

So many of us and the world in a dark place, I know I’m not alone, but being an unsociable hermit twit, my misery doesn’t love company.

What Doesn’t Kill Ya

Looking for the funny
but it hides behind the money
which done went to town

Need some peace of mind
but it laughs at my kind
says get behind and push this mud
down the road

I talk but no one hears
so live disgruntled fear
stumble through the tears
as toad

As frog I seek the kiss
to lift from this to bliss
but discontinued Princess

Can’t protect my loved ones
see dark instead of sun
my tries seems never won

Rexroth unannoyed
sez heart’s mirror hangs in void
I see good and beast

So put one foot in further
seek some good discover
forgive forget the other
and carry load

– Smith, 7.16.2015

Just realized I frequently say serious things in frivolous forms.



May 1 & 2 2016 Lady Poems

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

May 2

Your fingers walk the table of our talk
You play, your clay set in motion

Blood weds bone
God’s in the shoe

Out there where we could be using time
Rain sprouts copious baskets and
Knots arrive from roosts
Like television static

May 1

Subliminal absorption background sound, our green promise like the edge of an eyeland coming into view. A bit of star exploding into leaf to reach for itself again.


Conversation with Husband 1

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

“I used to take my girlfriends down into the fog by the Spokane River to neck,” Smith told me in our morning mid-conversation.

“Necking was something, huh,” I answered. “Especially in the teens.”

“Or nippling,” he said. “Everything from the nipple up… or cunting, I used to go cunting.”


“It’s not my fault that words are drippy, nasty little things,” he said.

“Or sometimes like Koto music,” said I in reproach.


it smooths in ass shine

Thursday, February 11th, 2016


Status Report 175

Walk stone steps forever
you cut a groove

Sit on wood often enough
it smooths in ass shine

Drip water on rock over centuries
it wears a hole

Irritate an oyster with sand
it covers it in pearl

Sometimes you need
to stay outside the lines

– Smith, 2.11.2016



nary a pea in sight

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015


Status Report 95

Feline princess sleeps
sound purr wrapped in soft fur
on top of blanket
on top of couch
with nary a pea in sight

Smith, 10.7.2015



day 9 of what was 9 now at least 10 no computer

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Smith reporting via Lady K.’s laptop . . .

We camped 3 days 2 nights at Erie Bluffs in Perry Ohio. Thought why travel 3 hours to camp in Pennsylvania when we’ve these sites closer. This section of the Lake County Metro Parks has just one campsite, one single campsite, on a bluff overlooking Lake Erie immediately to the north.

This morning setting at the campfire looking out over the fresh morning lake we see our first bald eagle fly just above our campsite eye line. I took my writing pad, camera, toke, small cedar 5-note Indigenous American flute, and the small hardback Beat Poets to the table on the edge of the bluff to watch while Lady jogged, and the eagle flew by three more times. Have distant fotos if my computer returns.

Status Report 87

Camp in near wood
high bluff Lake Erie
dirt water sky

1st flying eagle
white feather brown feather white
six to eight foot wings

sky, bird, water riding the horizon

me: Fire. Water. Earth. Air.
she: Men. Women.
me: And hot campfire cocoa.

the situation caused the situation

ant empire brought to naught
as new flame licks old log

it’s hard to be fire . . .
you consume yourself,
then go out

fire lives to burn,
burns to die,
the ember coal of the fire king

I take a toke to the dawn
a toke to the sea
a toke for friends
a toke for me

campfire light
rising sun light
inner light

fire eats wood
water eats fire
light eats dark
heat frees water

watch the shadow smoke rise
up log to where the eagle flies

halfmoon sky
lone bird fly
sunplunk sea
light lessen be
day is done

owl hoots in holler
frogs sing in tree

– Smith 9.24.2015


BeatStreet Cleveland 2015 National Beat Poetry Festival

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Smith again posting from Lady’s account because my laptop fan died and won’t be fixed until next Wednesday . . . find I’m addicted both to internet access and computer access because I write constantly and feel unreal when I can’t.

So anyone asking me stuff via email or Facebook, I won’t be accessing that for another 6 days.

This is exceptionally bad timing because I have an interesting reading coming up and need access to my poetry files . . . as it is I’m cutting and pasting previously printed material for :::: Saturday Sept 19 at the Barking Spider 3-7pm — the BeatStreet Cleveland 2015 National Beat Poetry Festival featuring all kinds of Beat related poets. Check it out, It’s an amazing lineup.

I’ll be reading shortly after 3pm.

BeatStreet Cleveland 2015


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