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Researching communes

A friend of ours suggested that we check out communal living during our travels. After sending out four inquiries, I’m pleased to receive word back from the Fox Housing Cooperative this morning.

The cooperative offers 1 week trial periods during which we’re expected to help with its organic farming endeavours.

Although I doubt we’ll do this particular commune, it’s pleasing to me to have this information, this option. I feel as though the world is our oyster. Steve and I surf the web, talk with friends, consider possibilities, and we milk the real out of the virtual.

One Response to “Researching communes”

  1. amy says:

    i don’t think paris is currently on your itinerary, BUT william shakespeare and company bookstore on the river seine, by the notre dame (doesn’t that even sound romantic and wonderful) is an incredible, sprawling bookstore that has rooms available in exchange for your work time in the store. the man who owns it is 91 now. i was there 4 years ago and didn’t want to leave. it is magical. google them. they have a decent website. poetry readings by the seine………..may i also recommend the hideout. a great irish bar in the place de monge. nothing like an irishman speaking french……..(sigh)

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