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The adventures of Lady & Smith, soon to be no longer broadcast from foreign shores.

Getting things picked up, packed, mailed, given away, tossed, cleansed for our fiftieth-some move since 2006. Our fridge and furniture have been traded for our final two weeks rent. Plants gone, art gone, books gone, spices gone, smoke gone. Getting white and empty in here. It’s the awkward stage where we’re gone in our minds but still here in the flesh. (Although my body still revels in this sun and warmth).

What an odd three year story arc it’s been – Cleveland England Netherlands Poland Croatia Italy France Spain Morocco Mexico, and now back to Cleveland to live. I spent 29 years there–46% of my life. Looks like I’ll stay at least one more.

Once back, perhaps we can begin to put our journey in perspective. 31 months, 10 countries, 21 cities, 3 continents. Not sure how we’ve changed, but know we ain’t the same.

After all this, I figure Cleveland will be just one more foreign city to report on.

We watched Stranger Than Paradise last night. Wanted to see the actors standing in the blowing snow looking out at the iced-over Lake Erie to prepare us for returning to Cleveland winters. The scene where they drive by Tremont into Cleveland showed our old studio flat. Interesting scene because they’re supposed to be driving from the east, from New York City to Cleveland, yet in that scene they’re coming from the west, which is ass backwards.

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  1. Hopefully you will miss the worst of it; soak up all the sun you can while in your
    liminal stage. The daylight is lasting longer, finally, up here in the great lakes region, but it’s gonna seem anemic.
    That said, returning to what was the same old may be the perfect foil to who you are now, allowing you to see the differences clearly. And, you’re really good at moving now, too.
    If you’re still there in late spring/ through the summer, I’ll be driving through four times, to the east & back twice…wld be good to see youse.

  2. You left to great fanfare, i suspect you will return in the same style.
    A charmed existence to be sure.
    Thank you for sharing.

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