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beat me mama 8 to the bar

fever dreams – foto by Smith

Weird sickness fallen over me. Temperature of 99.9 degrees. My muscles are screaming in pain. My nose is sniffly, and I have a sarcophagistic cough. It’s as if I have a mild cold and part of a case of serious flu – I say part because there’s no nausea or stomach pain, just fever, muscle pain, misery, coughing, leaky nose.

Felt throat tickle Friday at art opening. Saturday had moments of extreme weakness and pain. Saturday night was the night from hell with constant pain, fever, and body wrenching cold spells which caused me to shake so bad it felt I’d rip myself apart… worse than my one case of hypothermia in the sheep shit fields of northern England. Everything hurts.

To pass sick time, we watched Michael Clayton, which is a very good movie about sleazy evil bottom feeding lawyers, but is oh so bleak, down, negative, painful. Afterwards we laughed and said at least we don’t have his life.

Now I’m worried about Lady – seems she’s getting the cold part of my illness, which is truly lousy (for whom sick with misery wants to make their loved one ill as well). Just hope she misses the fever muscle ache portion.

Now Monday morning – I’m free I’m free – no debilitating pain, just a wee bit weak, with a walking tenderness like I’d been repeatedly poked in unpleasant places. Also a general over-all clamminess, but this is such a step up from yesterday I feel fine.

I’m not good with pain. One would think I’ve had enough practice over the years with it I’d have a better handle on it, but no. Pain sucks. Sickness sucks.

You know this is all bass-ackward. Most folk go from the U.S. to Mexico to get sick; we went the other way. Great American Metaphor.

fever schemes – foto by Smith

3 Responses to “beat me mama 8 to the bar”

  1. Jack McGuane says:

    Very interesting blog. Mexican carryover maybe You carried it home and it grabbed you. Hope you’re continuing to feel better

  2. ranger says:

    By sheer coincidence, I also watched “Michael Clayton” last night. Yes, very good movie — confirms everything I already believed to be true. Wish I didn’t feel that way, but it is what it is. At least we don’t have to live with these people, or even near them. It’s bad enough having them on the same planet.

  3. MadM says:

    If you had come to Chicago, instead of Cleveburg, I would diagnose what you describe as what we’ve been calling The Plague. It’s a very nasty virus that’s been going round and round since the cold weather first began. It knocked me down twice (twice!) this winter. Sounds the same, especially the shaking chills, and the cough part lingered long.
    Be well, both o’ youse.

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