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american math 101






9 Responses to “american math 101”

  1. A Reader says:

    You guys need to go on another trip! Your blogs have not been very interesting since you returned to Cleveland. . I can’t understand why you went to Cleveland because you have done nothing but complain since you returned. The cold, the decay, the accommodations, the people, etc. I guess you have friends and family and there is a lively arts scene but then why did you leave? I would never have guessed the arts were so active. You assume that everyone knows Cleveland but many of us just know the jokes and have visions of the “buckle on the rust belt.” Perhaps you could describe the place a bit more. Just observations and a suggestion.

  2. Lady says:

    I write what I feel like writing but it’s interesting to get feedback, and sometimes stimulating. Suggestions tend to make me more reluctant. I guess I can see how you’d like this part of the story filled in, tho.


  3. andy says:

    Well I live in Cleveland so that’s my bias.
    This blog is just as interesting or whatever as ever. It’s like your observing Cleveland as visitors even though your not; or wait; you kinda are.

  4. smith says:

    this is not a cleveland blog. this is a blog (on my part at least) of how i react to where we are and what we’re doing. that’s all i can do. i appreciate your feedback but if that’s the way you feel i have to wonder why you keep reading. i’m glad you are. and i think you must be misreading the people and accommodations part because our apartment is gorgeous and the people here special (as i’ve said several times).

  5. rdustin says:

    and I thought it was all the dilapidated dark and cold dank funk that gave Cleveland its charm. wherever you go, wherever you are, there’s likely a human predicament that needs interpreting

  6. A Reader says:

    Thank you! I have not read so much since you returned to Cleveland. My comment was based on your excellent descriptions of most of the places you have stayed. I guess I touched a nerve as several people jumped to Cleveland’s defense. Honestly it is not the impression that much of the country has. Maybe I will visit someday.

  7. GD says:

    THought is free
    William Shakespeare

  8. andy says:

    Hello A Reader. Check out this hastily made Cleveland video promo.

  9. A Reader says:

    Ha! Ha! But sorry, the video just reinforces what Smith et al have been saying.

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