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broke lip grin

party smile – foto by Smith

Gotta put on my party smile, we have a potluck party with an unknown unknowable number of artists poets and such. Party sprang unprepared from our foreheads at Yuyutsu’s reading Wednesday night and we just blurted it out. If I’m lucky, no one will show; if not, knot.

Not sure my party smile works anymore; think I out-wore it last night at another poet/artist’s poet artist potluck party and I don’t know if it was designed for use two days in a row.

party people – foto by Smith

One Response to “broke lip grin”

  1. jc says:

    I was looking forward to it (and to some degree dreading it, as I do all social engagements, including Lix and Kix – but mostly looking forward to it). However, I’m still not feeling 100% well – don’t think I’m contagious anymore, but not sure – and Geri just called and told me she got stuck working later than expected (she was supposed to get off at 2) – so maybe we won’t make it now. Looks like a cool group of folks (as least the ones I know are going), and I really wanted to see your home gallery and touch base with Yuyu again and you and you and some others. Anyway, I’m still in my PJs and feeling lazy and dull and depressed and it would probably be good for me to go, but… right now it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen. I’m very grateful for the invite,though and already kicking myself for not going. Sounds like a very cool happening… and I look forward to reading your post-happening blog.

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