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I found out how to take photos of peoples’ true faces. I found Smith’s. It’s benevolent but sometimes kinda trickster. Sometimes it looks like an alien turtle:

What you do is you take a picture of someone’s forehead and eyeballs, upside-down. But like, you really have to see the face to capture it on film. Otherwise it’s just the top of a forehead and eyeballs, upside-down.

I see a very happy turtle here:

It’s interesting cuz, like, it looks like the forehead really wants to talk, only it can’t. And guess what your real nose is? Your real nose is… your third eye. Only you have a third and fourth eye, cuz there are two nostrils. At least that’s what it looks like with Smith. I made this discovery whilst massaging his temples. I started with the toes, and ended with the temples, and found his third and fourth eyeballs.

The funny thing is, I was saying to him that I really didn’t care about his forehead. That if I had to choose, I’d pick his eyes/nose/mouth hemisphere over his forehead hemisphere. And then, all of a sudden, his alternate/true face made itself appear! And so I then decided that it’s kind of hard to choose (I mean, if I had to.) It’s like the true face wouldn’t shine unless threatened.

Here’s my true face. I’m kinda a space alien hippie. I call myself ‘Kydal3’:

Welcome to my planet.

So I wondered what other peoples’ true faces look like. I found some interesting ones:

Queen Elizabeth (above) is a rather lovely, glowing alien.

I wondered what Obama would look like. It seemed best if I inverted and used the bottom half of his ‘conventional’ face as well. He seems to be holding some kind of weird alien fingers up to his eyes. And his smile seems a little bit forced when you look at it this way:

I *had* to try Cheney, too. It’s kinda scary.

I wonder if evil shows up in a face if you just rearrange it properly. But no matter what, I couldn’t make the Dalai Lama look evil. He kinda looks like a Dalai Lama-Dog:

Now, Bush might be the reincarnation of Lucifer. Look at him just kinda looking down, seeing what he can get away with:

Or he could be the Cheshire cat:

Hillary Clinton looks like she’s just, well, kinda confused or something, or a kinda soft, ooshy, sweet monster:

For something truly surreal, try Hitler:

2 Responses to “TRUE FACE”

  1. jb says:

    like this see!

  2. wendy shaffer says:

    yes, dalai lama,
    good dog / elizabeth —

    deep power / cheney — true monster /
    bush — dummy / hillary — scary /
    obama — still handsome — nice teeth! / hitler — posessed

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