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number nine number nine number nine

page09 of work-in-progress Reset – collage & foto by Smith


Dork Alert Dork Alert Contact the Fool Killer – we got to the Feed The Gays benefit to read our poetry a weeeeeeeeee bit early today, in fact a whole thirty days early. I got the date right but the month wrong – it’s on March 27.


Only managed to do one collage last night and I was lucky to get that. Need more of a stash of images and words to play with. Was thinking these last 43 collages would take two weeks, but now I’m thinking more like a month — which is cool because what else do I have to do in this endless Cleveland winter of white, gray, ice, snow, cold, and high heating bills. At least I got wife and cat to keep me warm.

We’re opening the Feed The Gays art, poetry and music benefit over at the Bounce/Union Station night club today. Benefit begins at 5 and runs through 10; Lady and I are reading from 5 to 5:45.

Bounce / Union Station is located at 2814 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113-2708, (216) 357-2997.

Feed The Gays is the second annual benefit put on by The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Alliance (GLASA), a student group at Cleveland State University.

*note – in the collage above, the words may be too small to read — they read more or less moving from left to right: Boredom, Vigilance, Pensiveness, Adoration, Ecstasy, Rage, Fear, Annoyance, Distraction, Surprise, Apprehension, Loathing, Amazement, Grief, Disgust, Sadness, Terror, Anger.

page 8-9 spread – collages & fotos by Smith

4 Responses to “number nine number nine number nine”

  1. jo says:

    am really digging this book project. such a departure from heavier collages (not that i didnt dig those too!) but i am liking the wordplay and simplicity. great work, smith.

  2. Jack McGuane says:

    Looks like all feet

  3. Jack McGuane says:

    Talking about page nine

  4. jc says:

    Love the collages!

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