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neon noon night day

Jeff Chiplis found neon sculpture
in upcoming Butler Institute of Art solo exhibit – foto by Smith

We watched Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland yesterday in 3-D. The 3-D was nicely done, but the movie itself is all art, no heart; a big hole rather than a bright whole; eye candy, so best not keep your mind handy.

This is the first Tim Burton movie I’ve not enjoyed. Failed movies drain my psyche rather than invigorate my spirit.

The problem with 3-D is the glasses are dark and greatly dim the color and experience. We saw Avatar in 2-D after we watched it in 3-D just to compare, and the color loss is vast.

On a much brighter note, one more spiritually joyful, I spent a day down at the Butler Institute of Art with found-neon artist Jeff Chiplis helping install his upcoming solo show Neon Works in the 21st Century. (I’ll blog the date of the show once I again find out)

I interspersed helping Jeff with walking around the museum seeing the usual so-so art art museums seem to love mixed in with a selection of visually and mentally interesting pieces. I’ve seen so much art in my 46 years in the art world that the run-of-the-mill stuff just bores me at this point and it takes something a little extra to thrill me these days. Plus just like any other art, 99% of what one sees or reads or hears or tastes is throw-away while less than 1% zings the mind the eyes the heart. This is especially true of poetry readings where even my 1% quality estimate might be optimistic. (I mourn the loss of poetry in current poetry — most “poets” write and read their diary entries or daily descriptions of their mundanity and lists of their gripes and whines.)

Here are a few shots of Jeff Chiplis’ solo art show in the making. I’ll try to get down to the opening to shoot the whole show. Jeff is one of my 13 guest artists I’ve put up on You can see a slew of his previous work at I’ll be adding dozens of fotos of the show to his AoC site.

As you can see, a Chiplis found neon show is a joyous explosion of color and form. One’s spirits rise just walking into the room.

* Disclosure – some of these are very odd shots of his work and give you absolutely no idea what the piece/s look like, but they do make for dramatic shots . . . this shows more how I look at shows rather than what shows look like.

Jeff Chiplis found neon sculptures
in upcoming Butler Institute of Art solo exhibit – fotos by Smith

5 Responses to “neon noon night day”

  1. KE says:

    I’ve always loved neon signs & such ever since I was a little kid & my brother had a neon Blatz beer sign in his room. If I remember correctly the beer actually seemed to pour from a bottle into a glass. I am definitely in awe of all things Chiplis, though I’ve yet to hear him play the portative(?)organ, as well as all things Smith(Mr. & Mrs.). Agent of Chaos is a great site for all things artistic, as is WOTI. Buy don’t take my word for it, I ain’ right in the head. Haven’t been for years…

  2. Jack McGuane says:

    Hey KE
    none of us are right in the head. what’s wrong with that?

  3. ke says:

    Hey Jack
    I don’t know, what?

  4. chris/ runewarrior says:

    Intrigued…. will be looking for your post of gallery dates.. would love to see this up close.

    I think your comments on current poetry are pretty much dead on.. I’m as guilty of it as others. But nice to be called on it.. it becomes unconscious when we do it.

    Am missing the collage postings.. I think I’m suffering withdrawal.. LOL..

  5. jc says:

    Great photos – make me wanna go see the show.

    No doubt run of the mill oftentimes runs the mill – but “1% quality estimate might be optimistic?” – if I felt that way I might never attend another poetry reading. 😉

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