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she me by me she

Lady / Smith melding – foto by Smith

Lady and I took these fotos of “us” down at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown while attending the opening of Jeff Chiplis’ exhibition titled Neon Works in the Twenty-First Century.

The art work that produced these fotos is a glass door with lights that alternately flash illuminating the person on one side or the other so that if two people stand on opposite sides and keep their faces at the same height, the reflection each sees is a changing combination of both people.

These are our views from both sides. Lady and I are melded, our many into one, rather like the Borg melds in Star Trek – “Resistance is futile.”

Of course I was so caught up in the piece I forgot to write down the artist’s name and can’t find it online. As an artist, I apologize to the artist. Tried to research it online to no avail.

I’ll blog some fotos of Chiplis’ opening tomorrow. It was a fine show, and the museum is already talking of extending it past its May closing.

Lady / Smith – foto by Lady K

Lady / Smith – foto by Smith

Lady / Smith – foto by Lady K

Lady / Smith – foto by Smith

Lady / Smith – foto by Lady K

Lady / Smith – foto by Lady K

Lady / Smith – foto by Lady K

Lady / Smith – foto by Lady K

3 Responses to “she me by me she”

  1. Jack McGuane says:

    Her half is prettier than your half.

  2. chris/ runewarrior says:

    LOL…. to Jacks comment…

    I find these pics compelling… Lady’s body with your head is disconcerting… but overall you two blend well.

    As a side note.. I’m always interested that Google keeps track of how many times I’ve got this site requested ( I seem to be too lazy to bookmark it)…. so far I’m up to 28… I usually go over to your MS page when there… But now I’m determined to get a higher number so am shooting for 100.. LoL..

  3. andy says:

    Nice series of photos.

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