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My EGO is angry at the Crisis Chronicles Online Library — it has 23 entries for ME while other relatively unimportant nobody writers have way more, and I mean really minor talents such as

William Shakespeare with 155 entries
1600s = 181
1800s = 322
1900s = 765
2000s = 277
African American = 95
Autobiography = 28
BC = 60
British = 415
Cleveland = 238
e.e. cummings = 31
Emily Dickenson = 25
Hilda Doolittle = 66
Fyodor Dostoevsky = 26
Paul Laurence Dunbar = 37
Greek = 39
Indian = 24
Irish = 105
d.a. levy = 39
Edgar Lee Masters = 122 (it is hard to compete with the dead)
Edna St. Vincent Millay = 91
Novels = 32
Philosophy = 70
Plato = 24 (at least he only beat me by one)
Poetry has 1,375 entries (WOW ! ! !)
Religion = 28
Russian = 28 (what about Russian Religion???)
Short Stories = 56
Tres Versing The Panda = 35
Video = 150
Walt Whitman = 34
Oscar Wilde = 58
William Carlos Williams = 95
William Butler Yeats = 84

(This count is on the morning of March 20, 2010 . . . by the time you read this my count will be way off because the man adds entries faster than I can read them.)

At least I beat the Bhagavad-Gita (18), and I suppose I can’t rail too much about the 1900s, the 2000s, Poetry and Cleveland categories since I’m a subset.

My closest poet competitors are Lord Byron (17 entries); Langston Hughes, James Joyce, and Ken Kitt (18 each); Samuel T. Coleridge (19); Essays (20), and Kevin Bernhard (21). Kevin Bernhard is local, living, prolific and proficient, so I may have to kill him to keep him from overtaking me.

Oddly enough, the publisher/editor John ‘Jesus Crisis’ Burroughs only has 3 entries of his own poetry in the library. Don’t know if this is modesty or a desire to publish fresh elsewhere.

In spite of his having so few entries by me, I recommend stopping by – just the entries for Autobiography, Novels, Philosophy, Poetry, Religion, Essays, and Short Stories alone total 1,603.

(Crisis obeys the copyright laws; that’s why the entries are heavily weighted towards older writings where the copyright has passed into public domain; all current copywrit entries have been granted permission.)

FLASH – Crisis added a 10 minute video of me reading seven poems at the 12-hour Snoetry reading in Eastern, Pennsylvania last January 16. The video is a fair rendering of my current reading style. Once he adds it to the Crisis Online Library, I’ll have 24 entries, same as that upstart dude Plato. Check the video out at

It is rare for me to get a glimpse of myself performing. I see I need to get more force, joy and pizzazz in my performance to fly to the next level, interact between poems with the audience, look them in the eye more, and recite the dozen poems I’ve memorized rather than relying on the paper to protect me. I’m still too shy, enclosed and buttoned-down to let myself go in public – but oh you should see me in private . . . just ask Lady.

I’ve got good material; if I can get the performance and presentation clicking, there’ll be no business like poem business.

PS – The Crisis Library also has 13 entries for Lady K you can check out – Lady K.

The Crisis Chronicles Online Library is

The blog the library is attached to — the tao, how, and what now of Jesus Crisis — is

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  1. Haha! Thanks – wow – I didn’t expect to find THIS when I went to your blog this morning (like I do pretty much every morning). I better add more of my poems while everyone’s paying attention! 😉

  2. Hmm- now I feel compelled to go and check out the Library anew (AND count how many poems of MINE are in there, haha)! It really is a great source of poetry, and even though I was there for the original show, I want to see you read at Snoetry on video, Smith! Oh, and I love the wry, witty way you wordsling- you’ve never seemed too buttoned-down to me!

  3. loved this .. it made me chuckle…

    I see there are healthy egos here not in fear of anything.. I only have two there .. but that is a miracle not modesty. You really do have some competition on your hands Steve.. Kevin is stiff competition… Shakespeare is no competition because he’s dead.. he will write no more fresh material… So if you can get JC to post some of your Smith-Ku you might catch up.. or move ahead.

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