got warning – foto by Smith

Always had a problem that what I was taught of Ethics in church and school differed so greatly from the way I grew to understand how Governments and Corporations and Religions and Gated Communities and other Organized Institutions of Power actually operate — THEY do WHAT THEY WANT, TO WHOM THEY WANT, WHEN THEY WANT TO, be it invade countries, print faux money, experiment on their citizens, murder foreigners, cheat lie bribe, or bash gays while sleeping with young boys . . . you know, the basic shit they put us in jail or execute us for when we do what they do.

Rather silly of me actually to expect fairness and morality in a Universe we’ve collectively created — for Reality is a dream, a collaborative dream. . . or rather nightmare.

And the harsh fact is who the heck knows what IS is anymore anyway, what with a Universe 95% composed of dark matter and dark energy the scientists can’t find or test or measure, a Universe they claim mathematically really isn’t here at all but rather is a hologram where everything is true and not true at the same time and ALL only ever becomes ONE when we ask it to collapse into A SINGLE SOMETHING for us the observer to see because the Universe is only here to be seen by us and interact with our observations of it in the first place. According to the current consensus, scientifically Time and Space do not exist, they are simply illusions we use to keep our game going. The Universe isn’t really here at all but only appears to be here to please us, and that everyone who looks at reality changes it, everyone who wants or expects or seeks or fears changes MAYBE into their own particularly warped Reality.

In essence, reality is an agreed upon construct which reflects every single sick twisted fear and thought as well as the good hopes and dreams of all of us, which of course includes the best and the worst and the downright wrong.

I gotta say I ain’t impressed with most of what we’ve manifested – I mean who needs all this cosmic shit on the bottom of our metaphorical shoes such as politicians and corporations and police thugs and pedophile priests and Gulf destroying oil companies and the bigoted Arizonians and the mass-murderous Israelis and the stealing greedy rich and 99.999% of what’s on the Idiot Boom Box Tedious TellaVision MovieScreen?

This ain’t pearls before swine, folk — this is swill before during and after.

And yet amidst this moldy mass migraine we call reality which we’ve mostly botched up there exists flowers and bumble bees and sunsets and tender tales and strangers appearing out of the dark with a spark of unasked for help and friendship and just to get down to the simplistics this very moment when Mandy our cat jumped up on the couch on the cushion next to me and rubbed her head against my shoulder and purred while I kissed the top of her furry head.

All that dark and nastiness in the world is still there, still exists as mass unhappiness, but in this particular moment in this particular space there is goodness, there is happiness, there is an easing of the heart.

Reality is pliable, interested in interacting. We need each of us to individually on our own create more of these good moments to counteract the darkness that tends to accumulate in our collective individual swamps of greed and need.

Do as you would be done. Brighten the corner where you are. Make someone smile, or at least help them frown less. Live the Zen koan of a happy life in an unhappy world.

But to do this we have to do it inside ourselves before we can spread it outside. Each one of us has to stand nostril deep in this pile of shit we’ve created called Current Earth and we have to create a bubble of brightness amidst the dinge. Reality is changed from within. And reality changed for the good within changes and spreads for the good outside us.

This is the long way around to saying that for me to help my Lady, whom I believe needs my help, I must become worthy within, a better person, less hurt ego and more serious listening.

I need to call on my good gentle wise inner Smiths to stomp the shit out of my mean nasty selves.

This is war.

And which me wins wins or loses the me that needs to be to help my she.

got soul – foto by Smith

4 Responses

  1. Shit.
    Layin’ it down!
    Not a clown.
    Go Charlie Brown.
    Wearin’ a crown.
    Nothin’ down but the frown on the face of the disgrace of the race that doesn’t exist.

    Yep. What you say, as usual,
    sees the whole tamal-ay.
    Kick some ass Jack.
    But don’t take no smack.
    Lay it true.
    I love you,

  2. you’re one of the greats John has availed us from the Ohio poets, and cast thou not swine! indubitably

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