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using other folk’s collage stash

yesterday’s collage party collage – foto by Smith

Went to a collage party at photographer / drummer / art collector Pete Dell and wife Nancy’s yesterday.

Pete supplied all the glue, magazines, fotos, books, scissors, munchies and music.

It was a unique experience going through someone else’s collage stash and picking out stuff to use. I picked out 15 images, cut them out, laid out 14 of them, glued em down. It was fun. Left the collage with Pete as thanks because it was his party and he also collects my work – bought three of my more difficult assemblages in 2006 as Lady and I were leaving America. I’ll blog those pieces later.

We were outside so the sunlight and shadows heavily affect these fotos, although I love the fern shadows.

Lady made a sock puppet for Nancy and Pete’s grandson Jasper who helped Lady design it. Hopefully she’ll blog a foto of it.

It was a good day.

John Lennon Lives, 2010, 30″ x 20″ – collage & foto by Smith

2 Responses to “using other folk’s collage stash”

  1. chris/ runewarrior says:

    Like the John Lennon one especially. But the rest are cool too.
    A collage party is a very cool idea…

  2. john b says:

    And your art shines on
    like the moon the stars and the sun

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