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It’s truly strange the words I find lurking in my own forgotten computer files. Going through my folders looking for a specific file, I kept coming across blurbs I wrote and forgot. Most are too negative or unworthy of development, but together they’re bloggable.

~ ~ ~

The dead in archeology gather
grow windows past imperfect
smeared in cleaner mud

~ ~ ~

“I am pinching my nipples with long pairs of pliers. I am slowly pulling my armpit hair one at a time. It feels so bad it’s good. I am combing my hair with a chicken cock’s comb. Call, call me for fun! I will talk *dirty* to you-oo. I am massaging my labia with a latin Barbie doll. I inserts small animals into my openings…”

~ ~ ~

Trojan Whores

this culture is a Trojan Whore awaiting entry to the city of the soul.

let them be tyrants. let them lie. let them kill and cheat and steal and hypocriphize. let the heaven and hell they profess belief in be – let hell be real so all these self righteous limp dicks walking around washington like real erections all go to the hell they believe in, for that is where invaders and mass murders and killers of babies and women and the old must go – not to purgatory, but to hell. and not to no nice parts of hell either. want the worst for the worst, for i am an angry godling.

~ ~ ~

This Nebulous

How long
How many lines
What space
Or place
Or case
Can be made
For future poetry
Or present pain?

~ ~

I ate a phoenix once. With a lizard for dessert. Everybody knows that phoenixes regenerate through self-destruction, and lizards grow new tails.

Once I assimilated this meal, I found each night, I could break off my penis and a new one would grow. That way I have a new penis for each sexual act. I no longer have to wash it.

Unfortunately, I haven’t quite figured out what the factor is, but sometimes I grow little penises, and sometimes I grow big penii. Usually have foreskin. Once I had a black penis, another a snake’s.

When I date, I can only go out after dark, to make sure my penis has grown back. Once I tried to have sex during lunch, and I only had a little stub with an eye in it. Scared the woman. She became a lesbian.

So I’ve done my bit for women’s rights, and wrongs.

~ ~ ~

stuff on my mind – foto by Smith

3 Responses

  1. some of these are so bad they’re good. LOL… the lizard/phoenix one is interesting…. the nipples one sounds painful.. ugh..
    and the trojan whores I like.. I think that can go somewhere.
    thanks I did at least chuckle or groan on a few of these.

  2. @ chris – got a free blog out of it, so is all okay.

    @ lady – okay, we’ll create a hell-less reality for all.

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