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Someone complained in a post that the 10th dimension “partial n-derivatives on n+1 dimensional space” math which shows how to fold the universe’s 10 dimensions down into our four dimensions of length, width, depth and time was ununderstandable, so I left them this little new math lesson example.

~ ~ ~


1 + 1 = me
2 = 2 = me
all + all = me
0 + 0 = me

all math seems to have the same answer

~ ~ ~

Now I must go do yesterday’s dishes to earn today’s feed.

life – foto by Smith

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  1. For me life rarely adds up anyway so your math is as good as anyone else’s.

    And keeping up on the current political things makes me think all adds up to zero anyway. Especially for those of us not in the upper income brackets.
    So there appears no escaping the numbers game no matter what.

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