back belly – foto by Smith

Belly Back Beat Off Blues

Dancing down
the Corner Buddhist Beat Cafe
digging Pretty Lady
scoping Haiku Baby,
Stinky Finger
picking Pussy’s pocket,
Lockjaw John out back
humping Zen goats
outlined in rhythm and blue,
Crankman behind the wheel
weighing latest deal
in get-away zone,
Monkey Jones
jimmying Juicy’s lovely locket
flluxing right and left
in jelly jam scam
for Uncle Sham,
Whirl Girl
doing the Duze
looking to shake
her bad leaf break
before Growl howls another poem,
Mama Boy slurring
his slip & Zen,
all blowing
Off Beat
Beat Off
Slippery Slope Cope
Less Than Most
Coast On Tomorrow’s Sorrow

– 1-23-2011

Likely do a jam this with this my music friend and will need a chorus so will probably use:

Belly bump back
Back bump belly
Gonna go jack
My jam in jelly

the beaten blues – foto by Smith

3 Responses

  1. you live jack, he dead jack. you still on the road, he under the road.

    Crankman is Neal Cassady, Growl is Allen Ginsberg, Mama’s Boy is Jack Kerouac.

    how’d you know?

  2. nevermind Jack Mc – i know where your Jack came from. . . i forgot about the chorus, and the chorus is now better for me because i hadn’t connected the jack/Jack Kerouac connection.

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