Lady K 2005 – foto by Smith

Wrote this to my wife on our wedding day.

Get Me to the Witch on Time

I’m smitten
with the kitten
who scratched
my inner itchin’

tied me to
the loving post

free range
to ring
with me

I’m Wiccan wed
and wonder fed

I better butter be
married 2006.18.3

— Smith, 3-18-2006

Married five years nine days now. A few folk felt we’d last just a sleepover or two due to our 27 year age difference — but I’m cool with that because we beat Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart’s gap by a year . . . and it ain’t bad when you beat Bogie.

Six months unmarried, we went to a Wiccan Priestess and bound our binds using my dead mother’s thin gold wedding band and a used matching one for me from a downtown pawn shop — put it on when we bought it and it ain’t been off since.

Cool to be married by a witch.

Cooler still to be married to Lady.

What a wild strange trip it be.

private eye me 2011 – foto by Smith

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  1. Glad to be a friend of yours sharing your wonderful ride.. congrats. Seems not long ago it was half as long.. time flies.

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