Dear Senator Portman:

I’ve just read an article that says Patty Murray, a Supercommittee Co-Chair, received an award from the Defense Industry. As she is partially responsible for the Supercommittee’s recommendations, I find this a bit disturbing and it would seem to lend an air of partiality on her part to the Defense Industry.

I ask you to please help make recommendations for cuts to defense spending rather than cutting discretionary spending, and please encourage your supercommittee members to do the same, especially Patty Murray and John Kyl.

Thank you!


(Article Reference: Supercommittee Co-Chair Patty Murray Accepts Award from Defense Industry As She Mulls Cuts To Pentagon Budget)


Contacting Senator Portman

One can email Senator Portman here…

His Cleveland-area office number is 216-522-7095 and his D.C. number is 202-224-3353.

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Other news:

#OccupyCleveland welcomes people to take part in a march from the Cleveland Free Stamp (Willard Park) to Public Square today at noon. This is in support of the ideas surrounding the Occupy Wall Street movement:

We are the 99%. We are the Americans who wake up every day and go to work in the worst economy since the Great Depression. We have witnessed the slow erosion of America and it’s promises of equal opportunity and equal rights under law. Individuals and corporations whose extraordinary wealth ordinary citizens cannot even begin to comprehend have abused their positions in society and have shown through their actions a complete disregard for the welfare, safety, and stability of their fellow citizens throughout the United States.

Our city, Cleveland, has seen the effects of this disregard. Our factories are closed because their owners would rather draw their labor from brutalized populations living under dictatorships halfway across the world than pay an American a fair wage for a fair day’s work. Our neighborhoods are crumbling as banks file foreclosures on the same sub-prime mortgages they offered with full knowledge to people who could not afford them. Using legal smoke and mirrors these institutions have sought to avoid any accountability for their negligence, fraud, and unethical behavior.

–Occupy Cleveland Press Release, Oct. 3

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