Miles to Go, 1999 – assemblage & foto Smith

75% of the fotos I took of our art show after we hung it and on opening night are unfocused. This is rare . . . it’s like reality doesn’t want me showing the show.

But here are a few of the remaining focused ones anyway. I’ll shoot the show better March 3 when we have our Saturday afternoon 5-feature poetry reading with open mic when there will hopefully be sunshine to help . . . I’ll become the Sunshine Shooterman Donovan sang about back in 1966.

4th Dimensional Family Art Show
Sacred Pulp
Two Dead Smiths, Two Live Smiths
Mother Dwarf Smith, 1926 – 2005
Cat Smith, 1957 – 1987
Lady K. Smith, 1972 – ?
Steven B. Smith, 1946 – ?

Show closing reception Friday March 10, 2012
Mastroianni Arts
2688 W 14th St, Cleveland, OH 44113
(in Tremont, 2 blocks south of Lincoln Park)

Poetry reading Saturday March 3rd 2-4pm
Kate Sopko, Cavana Faithwalker, Wendy Shaffer, Lady K and Smith
Plus music by Straw Man and open mic

Wendy Shaffer will be selling her brand new book of poetry “22 Years” which just arrived from India and is published by Lady K’s City Poetry Press

For 10 large fotos of the more 64 pieces in the show, go to

Show closes on my 66th birthday . . . then I move the poetry, art, memoir, etc to a side burner and start working on reversing my own inner and outer darkening decay — maybe learn how to play harmonica in the process. There’s stuff to be done; who knows how long the window remains open.

The memoir is in Lady’s hands now anyway . . . it’ll be published whenever she finishes the last edit and decides it’s ready. It’ll be published through her City Poetry Press.

Acid Snow, 2003 – assemblage & foto Smith

The Owl & the Pussycat, 2011 – assemblage & foto Smith

T.V.O.D., 2005 – assemblage & foto Smith

T.V.O.D., 2005 – assemblage & foto Smith

WPX5 for Bird, 1996 – assemblage & foto Smith

Mountain Music, 2005 – assemblage & foto Smith

THIS, 1994 – assemblage & foto Smith

Burning Down The House, 2000 – assemblage & foto Smith

Burning Down The House, 2000, detail – assemblage & foto Smith

Burning Down The House, 2000, detail – assemblage & foto Smith

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  1. I had trouble getting good focused pictures the night of the Art Walk too. But will post hem anyhow cause I love your stuff.

    Loved that match book cover…. but had a dog of a time getting a good photo of it though… glad you finally got one..
    I have a short poem I wrote that was stimulated by it… will post it up sometime.

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