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The Last Postcard Show (2nite)

Postcard show taste 1 – foto by Jef Scharf

Jef Scharf blog & PR for tonight’s postcard show (in which Lady & I are included):

Possibly the last postcard Show
Gallery Wolfy Part II
2676 West 14th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44113-5216

The postcard show is coming together and here are two shots of the basic feel of the thing. It will be a beautiful show and I will post some more images soon. A press release was sent out that looked something like this:

Possibly the last postcard Show
February 24th until March 24th
Opening February 24th 5pm-7pm

After Party at Pats’ in the Flats
performances by Brute Force & The Rainy Day Saints

Tremont art walk Friday, March 9th 5pm-7pm

Gallery Wolfy Part II will honor Deltiology, postcards and the people that still actively send them. Anything mailed to the gallery will be displayed so that both sides are visible or tiled to create an artwork. Postcards sent to the gallery will be available for purchase and cards designed by some of the more noted artists for future use will also be for sale. There will be a small amount of vintage postcards on display as historical examples of the art and because they are pretty beautiful.

The postcard has been used to send brief a message and picture to friends and loved ones since 1869. The earliest cards evolved out of hand delivered and adorned envelopes. Since the days of the Lipman postal card, colorful images illustrated world landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower for the traveler to mark a place and a thought in time. The United States Postal Service has struggled to remain the remarkable institution it has been in recent months. The Post Offices expects 252 of it’s 461 processing centers be shuttered before the end of the year. Mail will become more and more difficult and costly to send and receive but until then let us celebrate the postcard with it’s simpliest function and form.

Some of the artists that have chosen to create and mail for the show are: Reed Anderson, Jeffry Chiplis, Brute Force, Lee Ranaldo, Steven B. Smith, Maya Hayuk, Donna Henes, Anna Haifisch, Jo Meinke, Tamara Wyndham, Sto, Willa Johnson, Wendy Collin Sorin, Scott Helmes, Harley Spiller, Members of the Pro Failure Movement, Fred Cray, Talk Normal, Daniel De Cullá, Eva Peck, Aro Friedland, Holiday Anderson, Mark & Katie Deering, Ana Benaroya, Lady Smith, John Bennet, Lauren Thykeson, Anna Banana, Akiko Ichikawa, Roscoe Johanna Poethig, Audrey Anastasi, Melody, Beegu, Koala, Daniela Jauk, Amy Reid, Dr. Sara Mednick and “Your Sister”.

Jef Scharf for
The Director, Sales, Art Handlers, and staff of Gallery Wolfy Part II
February 22nd, 2012

Gallery Wolfy Part II is a storefront and art space in the Tremont neighborhood dedicated to aggrandizing the senseless, selfish, and occasionally interesting phenomena called art.

Brute Force is a legendary musician Steven Friedland who has written for The Chiffons, The Creation, The Cyrkle, Peggy March, and Del Shannon, played in The Tokens, played on the shows of Dr. Demento & Zacherle, has been produced by Geo. Harrison for Apple Records. In 1969 one of the most inspiring and noble acts was an expedition with best friend Ben Schlossberg to swim the entire Bering Strait, a “Cold War” stunt was aimed at drawing attention to “the closeness of the Eastern and Western hemispheres.” His music is available on BarNone Records

The Rainy Day Saints are simply one of the best bands in Cleveland.

Jeffry Chiplis will also be celebrating 15 years of birthdays at Pats’. (It is really his show and we are headed there because we have Chippy and Brute Force in the postcard show.)


PS – Chiplis was born on February 29th . . . thus is either 15 years old or 60, depending how one counts.

Postcard show taste 2 – foto by Jef Scharf

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  1. chris says:

    very cool.. this would make a cool idea to do in poems on postcards and perhaps done into a book… cool you were included.. neat photos

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